Ulrike Mahr - Schauspielerin / Actress
Ulrike Mahr is member of the Federal Association of Actors Germany (BFFS)



The actress and producer Ulrike Mahr is initiator and co-founder of the Faust-Festspiele Kronach, an annual theatre festival at the Castle Rosenberg.
From 1995-2004 she worked passionately as co-leader and actress and helped the festival to grow and develop. During these years she played various roles, such as Peer Gynt in Ibsens „Peer Gynt“, Marthe in Kleists „Der zerbrochne Krug“, Kalonike in „Lysistrate“, Anna Kern in „Amiwiesn“. As Female Mephisto in Goethes „Faust I“ and „Faust II“ she gave the Faust-Festpiele a unique face.


Also the festival experiences inspired her way as an artist. The role of Mephisto and the „Faust“ theme influenced her creative work. She showed her Mephisto performance i.a. at the Cultural Festival in Frankfurt and in Hamburg. The shortfilm „Mephisto“ (2003) and the edition of two picture calendars were a result of her travels through USA and Venezia in this role.


As Jamie Bond – Agent 2010, she created a female James Bond character in a one woman show – a mixture of theatre and satirical show. Being a fan of Diana Rigg and „The Avengers“ she produced a homage to Emma Peel.
She worked in shortfilm and theatre productions in Berlin and Hamburg and always keeps the focus as well on doing own film and theatre productions.


Very early she carried out her love to acting in presenting own theatre productions on stage at school. Later as co-founder of the theatre company „Freie Werkbühne Kronach“. Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall they went on tour with Goethes „Faust I“ in the new eastern states of Germany. This was also the time of experimental productions, like Ionescos „Die Stühle“ or Shakespeares „The Tempest“.
She was the second half of the comedy duo „Tiger & Nachtmahr“ and the co-founder of the „Nachtboutique“, a monthly cultural event in a club in Hamburg.


Filmacting training she received in Los Angeles at The Studio (former Hollywood Acting Workshop, HAW) in the years 1999, 2005, 2008 and through acting classes and advanced training in Hamburg, Berlin, Köln and Munich. She still participates in acting trainings and workshops.


She started learning and practicing the Martial Arts in Hamburg 2004 at the Chinese Martial Arts Community, as a student of Sifu Jan P. F. Hintelmann. Her engagement with the Martial Arts led her two times to Hong Kong and China, experiencing various styles and teachers. She studied at the H.K. Ving Tsun Athletic Association at the Dojo of Wong Shun Leung, who was a trainer of Bruce Lee. She trained the style of Bruce Lee – Jeet Kune Do – with Sifu John Ladalski, an instructor for fighting in film. With the Tai-Chi sword form she took part at Martial Arts Contests.


Even when she moved to Hamburg in 2002, where she lived until 2009, she always stayed connected to her hometown Kronach. For some time past she shuttles between Hamburg, Berlin and Kronach.
For the project „Timelights“ in 2010 she performed in the video installations of the international working Berlin artist Philipp Geist in the underground alleys of the Festung Rosenberg in Kronach (one of the biggest castles in Germany). Her role was the carrier of time.

In 2014 the artproject „INSIDE SPACE“ was followed  2015  by „INFINITE SPACE“ – both produced in cooperation with the glass artist Susan Liebold (www.glaswerk-atelier.de) and her colleagues of the artcollective EINING (www.eining.net), which she co-founded in 2014.

She is the writer of  the play „HABET! – Solo for a female Pope“, a multimedia-theatre project, which she fperformed in Kronach in March 2015 for the first time and a few months later in Frankfurt. A tour across Germany is in preparation.


In August Ulrike Mahr and her acting colleague Barbara Seifert played „The Fools Ride through Darkness and Light“ in the Badener Forest in Switzerland.

Currently she is working on a script for a historic movie.